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Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard

 Do you have them on your property?

The Pygmy Bluetongue lizard is unique to the Mid North of South Australia. This critically endangered species has only been found at 22 small native grassland sites, all of which are on private land. With such a small number of lizards, in a restricted area of South Australia, land managers have an essential role to play in the conservation and survival of this unique species.

The Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard is a small brown skink about 10 centimetres long. The males are shorter and stockier than the females. The head of the Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard is quite large and has scales that make its head appear armour-plated. Surprisingly, these lizards do not have blue tongues, instead their tongues are rose pink in colour.

These lizards make their homes in unused spider burrows (after first eating or evicting the spider that dug the burrow) and spend most of their time in or around the burrow. Pygmy Bluetongue Lizards are very wary and can sense danger from a long way off. At the first sign of danger they will scurry back down their holes. This means they are very rarely seen.

Pygmy Blue Tongue Lizard










All information regarding the Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard was kindly provided by the Department for Environment & Heritage.

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