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The township of Booborowie, so named after the native word for "round water hole" is in a rolling valley to the north-west of Burra, laid out in a four square grid pattern with the streets numbered rather than named and the whole enclosed by north, south, east and west terraces. This design was intended as the centre of a much larger service and commercial town. However, the expansion of the town did not eventuate.

In 1843 Dr. William James Browne and his brother Dr. John Harris Browne took up the Booborowie run as squatters. In 1851 they purchased a 14 year crown lease with a rental of 15 shillings per square mile. In 1863 the land was surveyed and subdivided and the brothers purchased 46,978 acres at the average price of one pound four shllings per acre.

In the 1860s an eating house and stables was built to attend to the needs of the Cobb and Co coaches stopping en route from Adelaide to Burra.

1875 saw the formation of the Booborowie District Council, with meetings held at the eating house. In the 1880s the East Bungaree shearing shed was built and the original 28 stand shed still stands and is used as a gathering point for the district's social life.

The town is now quiet and relaxed, nestled between smooth hills and rolling pastures.

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