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Elected Members

The Council is the decision making body on all policy matters. The community of Goyder is represented by 7 Elected Members, one of whom is chosen by the Council as Mayor. From November 2006 Local Government Elections are to be held every four years.

In keeping with legislative requirements to :

  • determine policies to be applied by the Council in exercising its discretionary powers;
  • determine the type, range and scope of projects to be undertaken by the Council; and
  • develop comprehensive management plans, budgets, financial controls and performance objectives and indicators for the operations of the Council

Council makes decisions which direct and/or determine its activities and functions. Such decisions include the approval of works and services to be undertaken, and the resources which are to be made available to undertake such works and services.


Mattey, Peter

Ward: Hallett



Gebhardt, Bill

Ward: Burra

Thompson, Heidi

Ward: Burra

Hibbert, Debbie

Ward: Eudunda

Schiller, Peter

Ward: Eudunda

Kellock, Jane

Ward: Burra

Neal, John

Deputy Mayor
Ward: Robertstown
Regional Council of Goyder
1 Market Square
Burra SA 5417
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