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Health & Well-Being

Council values the importance of good health and well-being within the Goyder Community.

Council has adopted the following strategy and actions as part of its Community Plan 2012-2032;


A Strong Community (A well-resourced, active and connected community)


  • Continue to contribute financially to, support and actively promote the Mid North Community Passenger Network
  • Involve young people in a range of programs and activities including through participation in the Youth Advisory Committee
  • Support the development of retirement housing in appropriate locations
  • Continue to support recreation and sporting clubs through equitable access to funding and relevant assistance
  • Advocate to improve access to a high standard of education, health and community services for residents of all ages
  • Active development of arts and cultural activities and community events and maintain those initiatives
  • Continue to support, as appropriate, community events and activities e.g. through traffic and risk management
  • Continue to support and further enhance community services in area such as ageing, child care and social activities e.g. Mens Sheds and Community Centres
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with government providers of adult learning to establish opportunities for technical and vocational education (TAFE) and community based education (ACE), including training in information technology and social media
  • Consider the most effective way to provide assistance to community organisations to access funding
  • Assist community organisations to obtain the information they need to manage and support their volunteers
  • Prepare and distribute "Welcome to our Goyder Community" information kits, which include key contacts for health, family and community services in Goyder and neighbouring Council areas
  • Continue to support the use of open space for companion animals (dogs) in appropriate locations with the supporting infrastructure

Regional Health Plan

The Regional Council of Goyder, in collaboration with Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council and Northern Areas Council developed a Regional Health Plan 2014-2018.

A copy may be viewed here


Health & Wellbeing Tips

 Click here to view the brochure

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