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Cemetery Records

Cemetery Records

Cemetery Locations

Within the Goyder area, Council is responsible for the following cemeteries :

Apoinga Un-named Road off of Mollers Gap Road, Apoinga
Australia Plains Cemetery Road, Australia Plains
Booborowie Cemetery Road, Booborowie (See additional information below)
Brownlow Brownlow Road, Brownlow
Bundey Bundey Church Road, Bundey
Burra Spring Street, Burra
Burra Kooringa (Old) (at end of) Chapel Street, Burra
Eudunda Peep Hill Road, Eudunda
Farrell Flat Farrell Flat Road, Farrell Flat
Hallett Barrier Highway, Hallett
Terowie Cemetery Road, Terowie
Upper Bright Off of Worlds End Highway, Bright
Whyte Yarcowie off Pidgeon Box Road, Whyte Yarcowie

Burial records can be viewed using the below search facility. For additional information regarding a cemetery or burial, please contact the Burra Council office on 8892 0100 or via email at council@goyder.sa.gov.au

Additional Cemetery Information

Apoinga Cemetery
Apoinga Cemetery is located on an un-named road off of Mollers Gap Road, Apoinga. Council holds a partial record of burials within the cemetery. A catalogue of memorials located within Apoinga Cemetery was undertaken in 2015. A cemetery map and headstone photos can be viewed by clicking here.

Bundey Cemetery
Bundey Cemetery is located off of Bundey Church Road in the Hundred of Bundey. The Cemetery is most easily accessed via Bower Boundary Road (off of the Goyder Highway between Burra and Morgan). While Council does not hold the original records for the Cemetery, a catalogue of memorials located within the Bundey Cemetery was undertaken in 2015. A cemetery map and headstone photos can be viewed by clicking here.

Burra Cemetery
A copy of the Burra Cemetery Records are held at the Burra Community Library, Bridge Terrace, Burra. Some photographs of headstones located in the Burra Cemetery are available by using the online cemetery records.

Burra Kooringa (Old) Cemetery
The Original "First Kooringa Cemetery"- It is impossible to know the exact numbers buried in this cemetery, nor how many people are missing from the records. Based on sources available the names stored on this website under this Cemetery are of the men, women and children known to have died in Kooringa, the Burra Creek dugouts or while working for the Burra Burra Mine between 1845 and May 1850. It is reasonable to conclue that many of them rest here, in the First Kooringa Cemetery. In 1899 a memorial was erected in their honour and it is still visible today. 

Booborowie Cemetery
A project undertaken by Booborowie Primary School has greatly enhanced our online information for graves at the Booborowie cemetery. With the assistance of community members and a grant through the Commonwealth History Project, all the headstones were photographed and the inscriptions transcribed and this information made available to Council and has been added to the Cemetery Search database. The students also produced a short introduction to the Cemetery and recorded how they went about preparing for and completing the project, both of which can be viewd by clicking on the links below.

Booborowie Cemetery Background Booborowie%20Cemetery%20Background (350 kb)

Booborowie Cemetery Project Presentation Booborowie%20Cemetery%20Project (1223 kb)

Their efforts are to be commended and Council is delighted to be able to share such a valuable social history resource.

Emu Downs
Council's online cemetery records also includes records and headstone photos of the Emu Downs Cemetery which is maintained by the Russian Molokan Spiritual Christian Leapers & Jumpers Cemetery Inc. The Emu Downs Cemetery is located off of Kotz Road, Emu Downs.

Upper Bright Cemetery
Upper Bright Cemetery is located off of the Worlds End Highway between the Burra Creek Gorge and Robertstown. While Council does not hold the original records for the cemetery, a catalogue of memorials located within the Upper Bright Cemetery was undertaken in 2015. A cemetery map and headstone photos can be viewed by clicking here.

Maps of Regional Council of Goyder cemeteries can be viewed by clicking on the below link,

Brownlow Cemetery Plan(181 kb) 
Cemetery Plan-Emu Downs(185 kb)
Cemetery Plan-Eudunda Cemetery%20Plan-Eudunda (70 kb)
Cemetery Plan-Farrell Flat(130 kb)
Cemetery Plan-Hallett Cemetery%20Plan-Hallett (39 kb)
Cemetery Plan-Terowie Cemetery%20Plan-Terowie (57 kb)
Cemetery Plan-Terowie-Catholic Section Cemetery%20Plan-Terowie-Catholic%20Section (45 kb)
Cemetery Plan-Yarcowie Cemetery%20Plan-Yarcowie (42 kb)
Cemetery Plan-Yarcowie-Catholic Section Cemetery%20Plan-Yarcowie-Catholic%20Section (40 kb)


The Cemetery records can also be accessed through the Search Facility below. Apart from seaching for records at any of the Goyder cemeteries listed above, a number of other Councils have also placed their cemetery records online and these too can be searched from the Goyder website.

Please note :

1. The Cemetery Records contain details of both burials and ashes interred.

2. Take care with the dates - they will appear in either year-month-day or day-month-year format.

Good luck with your search!

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