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Rural Property Addressing

In 2014 Regional Council of Goyder commenced the rollout of Rural Property Addressing to all properties within the Council area.

Rural Property Addressing is a joint state and local government initiative aimed to provide all occupied rural properties in South Australia with a nationally consistent numbered address.

Property numbers are worked out based on the distance from the start of the road to the entrance of the property. That distance (in metres) is divided by ten.

Even numbers are on the right and odd numbers are on the left. For example: the entrance to a property 5,080 metres from the start of the road on the right hand side becomes number 508.

The start of the road is determined as the fastest and safest road accessed from the nearest major road or town. 

This is a permanent and easy way to identify properties in sequence along any road.

Because numbers are distance based, it’s easy to work out where you are and how much further you have to travel, just by using your odometer.

Example Rural Property & Intersection Street Signage Setup


In an emergency, or for everyday business, rural road numbers are a clear and logical way of finding properties, benefiting everyone in the community.

The rural addressing project is supported by emergency services and community groups, State and local government agencies and essential service providers.

New Property Addressing

If you are constructing a new building on your property or have moved into a property that has no signposting, please contact council to discuss getting a new property address.

For further details on Rural Property Addressing please visit http://www.sa.gov.au/topics/property-and-land/planning-and-land-management/suburb-road-and-place-names/rural-property-addressing

Rural Road Intersection Signage

In 2016 Regional Council of Goyder commenced the roll out for Rural Road Intersection signage to all named roads within the Council area.

Rural Road Intersection signage identifies the road name and the range of rural property address numbers included on the section of road.



New Property Intersection signage

If you have moved onto a road that does not have Rural Road Intersection signage please contact council to discuss if signage is required.




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